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It’s very exciting to know that my experiences over the past 15 years will enrich Ablelink’s ability deliver a holistic, compassionate and informed service

About Ablelink.

Jess Stubbins founded Ablelink in response to the exciting introduction of the NDIS. There is a need in the market for independent providers to focus purely on Support Coordination. This is a time of wonderful opportunity for people with disabilities to have more control over and choice of services they receive.

Ablelink specialises in professional and personalised Support Coordination providing expert NDIS advice on how to use your plan creatively for the best possible outcome for you. Ablelink will connect you with services that best fit your needs.

Ablelink understand that preparing for your first NDIS planning meeting can be confusing and scary!

Ablelink also offer a pre-planning service to help you identify and request all of the supports you require.

About Jess

I have been in the Disability field for 15 years across Australia and the United States and I am lucky to say that I absolutely love my career choice!

My roles have included support work, managing supported accommodation settings, working with individuals with acquired brain injuries towards rehabilitation and teaching the Certificate IV in Disability.

Much of my career has involved responding to individuals with complex needs and supporting their families and networks. Teaching was a wonderful opportunity to explore the complex elements of support work and what defines a good support worker. I reflected on the way I worked and learned even more from those I was mentoring.

For 18 months I worked intensely in the NDIS rollout in North East Melbourne as the Customer Engagement Advisor within an NDIS Project team. This role gave me invaluable insight into the processes and the framework of the NDIS. I have assisted many people in transition to the NDIS by pre-planning, attending planning meetings and implementing approved plans.

The function of Support Coordination fits perfectly with my person centred philosophy, ensuring people get the right flexible supports that focus strongly on maximising opportunities for people to live fulfilling lives.

What We Do.

NDIS Pre-Planning.

Preparing for your NDIS meeting can be scary and confusing.

Ablelink can guide you through as you prepare the paperwork you will need for your meeting; think of goals you would like to include in your NDIS plan and list the support you would like to request.

We will help you to understand the planning process and feel at ease going to your meeting.

If you would like to use this service please contact us and we will set up a time to meet.

Support Coordination.

Support Coordination is designed to assist you to understand your NDIS plan and how you can best use the supports in it. We understand that plans can be quite difficult to read. With our expert knowledge of the NDIS we clearly understand what can be spent within each budget and how you can creatively use the funds within them to get the most out of your plan.

Support Coordination can be broken down into 3 stages:

1. Implement your plan
2. Monitoring and Reporting
3. Review

How can I request Ablelink to be my Support Coordination provider?

Nominate Ablelink at your NDIS planning meeting.

At your NDIS planning meeting the planner will discuss with you if there will be funding for Support Coordination in your plan. You will be asked who you would like to be your provider of Support Coordination, we hope you will choose Ablelink to work with you.

If you have nominated Ablelink at your planning meeting, the NDIS will contact us once your plan is approved and give us your contact details. We’ll give you a call to set a time to have a meeting.


If you already have an NDIS plan and would like to use Ablelink for Support Coordination give us a call and we will sign you up!

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